What does it look like?

Life with the Lederers, what does it look like? It is waking up right before the sun comes up to nurse the baby and having a few precious moments alone with God. A few moments when all is right with the world and I am walking hand in hand with Christ! I am living it out! THEN the sounds of my four big kids getting up is heard and before I know it they are in my room. Not only are they in my room but they are next to my bed, all demanding something different at the same time, and all of a sudden I am out of step with Jesus and getting frustrated! He stays straight and I begin the daily detouring. The flesh wins some of my battles and I get out of step but Jesus calls me back and He shows me the way!

The days are always a whirlwind of cleaning, cooking, schooling, praying, nursing, cleaning, teachable moments, praying, yelling, arguing, repenting, bargaining, praying, training, cleaning, cooking, refereeing, praying, cleaning. Did you notice the two that are always repeating? CLEANING AND PRAYING!

You would think that with all the cleaning and picking up that takes place throughout the day that our home would ACTUALLY be clean, BUT IT’S NOT. Let’s just call it an immunity builder! There is always dog hair and crumbs under anywhere the vacuum doesn’t reach. There is always food on the walls and more food wiped and smeared on chairs and anywhere else little hands can reach or touch. AND CRAYONS! I have lots of “wall art” around the house made by little hands who found themselves with a moment of freedom and a crayon! You know what they say about “idle hands”, yup it’s true! Also the endless dishes in the sink and laundry to do. And there is always a meal to be made or a snack needed. And of course all of these add up to teachable moments with instruction.

And then there is praying. You may think I am this awesome follower of the Word that says to pray without ceasing. In reality I have to pray! I honestly go from strength to strength and fall short ALL day long. Most of my praying is a word or two and short phrases. “Jesus” ” Lord help” “Give me strength/patience/ mercy/grace/wisdom” Thankfully He never gets tired of hearing from me. After all He is the giver of ALL life and has blessed me with 5 babes 6 and younger! Obviously mine is a voice He loves and wanted to hear whining and asking Him for more of Him, His Son, and His Spirit! And PRAISE His Name He is faithful and we always make it to bedtime with breath still in our bodies and love for each other still in our hearts!

Our life is complete chaos. A beautiful mess that only God in His infinite wisdom could have dreamed up! To think that before the foundation of the earth was ever laid, God Himself put this picture together for me. That He loved me (LONG before I existed) enough and thought me worthy enough to live this life. We are the family that NEVER has it together! The family that shows up late to church EVERY Sunday and sits on the first row! And while we are up there spills the 24oz coffee and lets an “f-bomb” slip loud enough for everyone around us to hear! We are IMPERFECT and in desperate need of a Savior! BUT we love Jesus with our whole being and do our best to live a life that says not only do we NEED Jesus but we have Jesus and we walk with Him!