It’s Your breath in our lungs, So we pour out our PRAISE

Thankfulness. Praising in everything. These are two of the most important things I try to instill in my family. It is next only to loving Jesus, the knowledge of His sacrifice(John 3:16),the revelation that we have someONE that will NEVER leave us nor forsake us no matter what (Heb 13:5), and knowing who God says you ARE (Eph 2:10)! Thankfully it all can be encompassed in teaching WHO God is!

I recently, as in Sunday (it is Wednesday), logged out of Facebook. It was a “challenge” by a woman I admire and love to our whole congregation. Give something up an use that extra time to pray for our youth who are doing God’s work on a missions trip at a Reservation. Needless to say the way-too-accessible social media site is what would be a challenge for me and what I view as a “sacrifice”. I sometimes view it as my only view into what people with “lives” are up to. Coffee may have been harder but 5 kids 7 and under, second-shift husband an a teething baby was a NO-GO for me.

JUST since Sunday the blessings and praises I have had come my way have been immeasurable. Yes I can count them but I know I still missed a few.

I went outside the other evening to grab my dog off his tie-out and noticed the trees. Trees that had always been there! I began to thank God for the beauty. We have a tree line of all different kinds and to watch them all dance in the wind was breathtaking. My mind began to wonder “what they have seen:”, “how old were they”, and it turned into a fun game with the kids. We guessed their ages and told stories from the trees perspective. My mother’s heart filled with joy as I watched my youngins use there imagination and history lessons to come up with some pretty cool stuff.


On top of a reprieve from Facebook, Gage our 2 year old haphazardly threw a mega block and the corner hit just right that the 55 inch HD flat screen shattered from inside an eventually went black. So we were down the television and social media just hours apart. The incident prompted the living room to be rearranged and more reading!

On Monday my children actually NAPPED, ALL of them! I read 100 pages of a book I had been trying to get through for months!

My home got cleaned up! And for the most part has stayed picked up! THAT is HUGE! Around March a friendship blossomed. I poured my heart into it and welcomed a family into our home and hearts. I finally had  friend to pray with and do life with. Someone to lean on and we could help each other. There were  lot of laughs and good times but my home kinda fell into disarray. Homeschooling, wedding planning for my mother-in-love, event planning for my homeschool group, garden planting, chicken raising, babysitting, trying to start a new moms’ group, other peoples life happenings, wife, mother of a handful, and housewife added to nothing being done. The friendship I put so much into fizzled into nothing and even though it was fruitful, I was left with the fruit to manage on my own. One of the things I LOVE about LORD is that he doesn’t call the equipped but rather equips the called. The only reason my house is FINALLY back in order an my heart is mended is because the LORD is my Helper!

Dinner is being made! We try to eat our big meal in the day around 1 before my husband heads to work. Lately it has been hot and everyone has been sleeping in. So breakfast, lunch an then we make dinner and spend th evening (well half an hour) with my husband in the parking lot of his work. It has lead to a little routine though. We do dinner then come home to pick up and then head to bed!

More time in prayer means more communication with the LORD. During which He released me from so many “normals”. Children normally go to be around 8, it is 10 for mine and that is OK! I need them to sleep later because of our family’s schedule in this season of life.

The LORD has shown me “blessed” is what I look like in the mirror. It is the extra weight from 5 healthy babes. The hair in a ponytail from caring for my family. The tired eyes from staying up to hang  with my husband so we can enjoy some quiet together without chaos of parenting and then the blessings that call me “mom” waking up to be comforted. Those are blessing in my life that time will eventually steal as my children grow and change. This is a wonderful season of life even if it looks like  mess to others around me!


I had been led to coordinate groups and become our church Nursery Director and get the privileged of them keeping me busy. I can help, encourage, and support moms and families! i am blessed with th gift of busyness and servanthood! I prayed for a ministry and once I let go of myself and trusted the LORD He gave me the desires of my heart (Ps37:4).


With my new found time I listen to more praise music and am gentler with my children. I can breathe in my essential oil and become soft-spoken. I can focus on the good and thank God continuously (1 Thes 5:16-18, Phil 4:4-9) for the miraculous transformation He did in my life (2 Cor 5:17)

What started out as a challenge to pray more, to lift up our youth, pastors, and mission volunteers as they are away being Christ’s hands and feet has become so much more.

It has rejuvenated my spirit and made me long for more! More time spent with God. More purposefully seeing blessings (Ps 27:13). More prayer for my loved ones and this generation and time I was placed in (Phil 2:3-4). More time for myself and those I love. More time to weed through my garden and thoughts (2 Cor 10:5). More time to pour into my children. More being about my Father’s business (Luke 2:40).

“It’s Your breath in our lungs,
So we pour out our praise
We pour out our praise
To You only

All the earth will shout Your praise,
Our hearts will cry,
These bones will sing
Great are You, Lord”

-All Sons & Daughters, Great are You