Purification is my love language!

Why? Family of 9, 2 babes in diapers, 5 males, a dog, lots of cooking, laundry that occasionally doesn’t make it to the dryer in a timely manner, and all of life’s other unpleasant smelling things!

Purification tricks my mind into thinking everything is CLEAN!

It’s a blend of Citronella, Lavandin, Lemongrass, Rosemary, Myrtle, and Tea Tree! And it smells oh, so good! Plus it’s been keeping these pesky fruit flies at bay! So I pretty much feel like I’ve hit the lottery🙌🙌🙌🙌

What’s your favorite way to use Purification?

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Live Free & Fearless

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Woo-hoo! It’s that time! Let’s talk about the July monthly promos… they are so awesome! It’s all about FREEDOM – inspired but the Young Living Convention theme last month. 

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So I want you to pay special attention to this… it’s the best deal to spend at least 100 PV on Essential Rewards each month. Why? Because you get 10-25% back in points AND a free bottle of oil. 

That means you get at least 10 ER points back plus Lavender Vitality this month ($15.79 retail) = $25 back to you at LEAST. If you’re earning 20% back that’s $35 back to you for spending 100 PV. 

Um, last I checked at Target they didn’t give me $35 back when I spent $100. 

Something else I want you to check out… look at that HUGE JUMP in retail value back to you from 100 PV to 190 PV. It goes from $15.79 to $86.51 in free oils. 

Add in those ER points and WOW! 10% back would be 19 ER points + $86 in free oils = $105 back for spending $190! 

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Did you know you can get double promos each month? Yep! Spend 300 PV on ER and get ALL the freebies. Spend another 300 PV on a Quick Order and get all the promos (except the ones that are ER only) and BOOM! Oils for dayyyyyys! 



5 ml Lavender Vitality ER exclusive): Add 2 drops to a veggie capsule before bed to get the best sleep EVER! You can also use it to make Lavender Lemonade – which is delicious! But remember to dip a toothpick in and add to a pitcher of lemonade. 1 drop is even too much. 

5 ml Valor: This blend is made with blue spruce, camphor wood, blue tansy, frankincense and geranium. Known as liquid courage, Valor is awesome to help calm nerves and give you an extra confidence boost. So it’s perfect to use before a big project, before you need to speak in front of an audience (or even that person you’ve been putting off talking to), or before a big adventure like going on a big roller coaster. It’s great for kids too. 

LavaDerm (ER exclusive): This cooing mist is fantastic for helping you to keep your cool when it’s hot outside. So those long liens at the theme park ain’t got nothing on LavaDerm. It’s like those misters you see at the zoo or theme park that keeps everyone cool. Well, this is the all-natural version of that. 

15 ml Geranium: This is a key oil used in many emotional balancing blends like Joy and Harmony. Diffuse it to help uplift and inspire feelings of happiness. Or use topically with rose hip seed oil to make an all-natural facial serum. I like to call Geranium the poor man’s Rose. It works just the same. 😉

15 ml Aroma Life: This blend is made with cypress, marjoram, ylang yang and helichrysum. WHAT?! Yep! Topically, it’s another blend I love to use in my DIY facial serum. Ylang ylang and helichrysum are fantastic for the skin… especially giving it a youthful appearance. Cypress has a natural firming effect so that’s perfect under the eyes, neck and other areas that need a little lift. 

For emotional support, you can wear it over your heart and your wrists to help you feel empowered and push through barriers that hold you back. FREEDOM, baby! 

What are you most excited about in this month’s promos?

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School’s out for SUMMER! Let’s get your survival kit together!!

Here’s what this third-trimester pregnant momma of 6 (soon to be 7) uses to keep us all happy, healthy, and empowered to take on the sun, late nights, and outdoors!

Rest for the WEARY

So a promise that I cling (and I MEAN CLING) to is Galatians 6:9!!

This was a WORD to me at a women’s retreat and come to find out a BIBLICAL PROMISE! I received it on an evening when I was really struggling with motherhood and I only had a few kids at that point! I was just a mom in church. I hadn’t added anything else on to my plate (I don’t think) and was full-time mommin! Even then just full-time momming, it was HARD. I had (have) super strong willed babes all under the age of 4. BUT I thank Jesus for that constantly because I know if I can find their bend and teach them JESUS they will be super effective in the KINGDOM and mighty warriors FOR Christ and IMMOVABLE!!!

Well I have added quite a few ministries (Nursery and MOMTOURAGE), a few more kids, activities, homeschooling (like legit HAVE to teach them now), and a couple SMALL BUSINESSES!! I LOVE love LOVE everything I do and at this moment I fell completely called to ALL of it!

BUT last night it hit me-I am feeling a little weary! Not in my business or ministries (when I get there) BUT the mommin’ part leading up to it! My children are being a tad bit rebellious and difficult (truthfully A LOT) and I am not seeing much fruit. It has been a difficult parenting year and we are working on reclaiming the ground we lost, albeit very slowly and sometimes un-confidently. Also, it has also been super busy for us lately with holidays, Vow Renewal, renovations, and Family Pictures on top of our daily to-do list and getting children anywhere can be tough!

Weariness is coming out of me in the form of unkind loudness, yelling, hurried-ness, tired-ness, and other unflattering ways! Last night it hit me, I am not doing my part of the promise. SO I HAVE to make a change. This past weekend I took off! It felt fantastic. WE all did a Family Game Night. We worked together to get some projects accomplished. We ate and relaxed and connected. I NEED more of that right now and TIS THE SEASON.

So I am cutting back where I can, cause let’s be real……I run my business and support my people MOSTLY on social media and my Facebook limitations didn’t last but a handful of days AND it’s been a BIG sale weekend! AND I love stewarding my people, it gives me LIFE and energizes me!

So realistic WORK HOURS start tomorrow ! This morning I decided to cut our MOMTOURAGE semester short a couple meetings. I am using the volunteers God has given me and leaning on their servant heart’s in my Nursery schedule. Our Wednesday night Bible study doesn’t start back up until January. And I have more curriculum coming for the kids that makes them MORE ACCOUNTABLE by tangibly showing them what they are (or aren’t) accomplishing. And Friday will conclude my oily schedule!

Boundaries are good! My calendar is still quite full BUT it is Christmas Programs and FUN stuff I get to do WITH my hubby and KIDS! I am saying YES to things I would normally say NO to, and NO to things I would normally say YES to!

Everything has a season (and thankfully a season doesn’t have a set time limit), and this is what this SEASON will look like for me….

I’m watch more Christmas movies, bake more, drink more cider and hot tea, use my crockpots MORE, spend more time in my kitchen, enjoy the still and quite (I am a mover so this could be difficult)!I am going to diffuse all the Christmas-y and winter-y oils! I am going to USE my oils in prayer and Bible Study and on my children and use them even more intentionally and not as a last resort! AND make time with GOD my FIRST priority! I’m gonna start a prayer journal-like a real one not just scribbles in margins. I am going to speak softer INTENTIONALLY and maybe put a rubberband on my wrist to snap when I get loud!

I am going to be the change I would like to see in my family. I am going to not be to busy doing stuff for God that I don’t spend time with God, not that I’ve ever done that! 😂😂


Upcoming Oily Events

So young living announced there will be 40 items in the Black Friday Sale! Here is the link to the page


and here is the link to our Facebook Event


THEN join us for a Holiday Make and Take with some super great gifts for everyone! Here is the event details on Facebook


It will be at the corner of Seashore Highway and State Forest Road! The oils we’ll be using are Eucalyptus, Lavender, Orange, Peppermint, Christmas Spirit, Pine, Frankincense, Valor, Cedarwood!

There will be a VARIETY of items to choose from! Scrubs, Sprays, and Rollers! You can pick any 3 for only $25!

If you need more information about either event please let me know!!


“It’s the most wonderful time of the year. It’s the hap-happiest season of all.”—-UMMMMM NOT so much!

So it’s been a WILD, BUSY ride lately! It’s been loud, not very nice, messy, and wedges and walls have been the result. Not to mention (but I am) some super bad attitudes and relationship strains!

So I DESPERATELY need a RESET BUTTON. You know like in electronics when things are wonky, you just preset the reset button and it all loads back up and is RIGHT again!!! SOOOOO that’s what I am doing! I am pressing the reset button!

I removed social media from my phone, unplugged the tv, set work hours with the computer, ordered some new curriculum, did a chalkboard wall, set goals for us all, came up with a different way to handle some less than stellar behaviors, wrote down SO SO SO many Bible verses , filled ALL the diffusers, paired some oils with prayers, made all my OILS ACCESSIBLE and am going to once again be INTENTIONAL about connecting with the hearts of my family. LIKE EVEN THE DOGS!

I mean THIS is THE time of the year for FAMILY but it ALWAYS seems to be the one that is the hardest! Do you ever feel like the things that are suppose to be about family and bring you closer ACTUALLY end up as a catalyst for an argument which can pull you apart?


Family Pictures– I yelled for about 2 hours while trying to figure out WHERE they hid their clothes and what color we were going to coordinate! But PRAISE JESUS the fighting didn’t last and the actual pictures and the end result were super fun!

family pic

OUR 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY AND VOW RENEWAL– I had this grand idea of spending the day with my girls and pampering and fun going on, while the boys hung out and bonded and met us at the church. WELL THAT DID NOT HAPPEN! It was a DAY! I don’t even wanna throw an adjective in front of it, because yup, it was THAT BAD! But we made to the church, and Jesus and our friends, who have become family, settled, primped, and brought us back to L O V E!! And y’all this picture is my FAVORITE ever! And I haven’t even gotten the pics from our amazing photographer yet, so be expecting a WHOLE post of pics!!

vow renewal

Then there is Holiday Prep– I KEEP finding my stuff broken and a mess!! And this amazing time of the year that they MAKE FAMILY MOVIES ABOUT usually makes me NOT like my family!

So y’all I am throwing my expectations OUT, going to make myself connect and enjoy my children and the Holidays, slathering on StressAway, putting Joy on my liver and diffusing Christmas Spirit and I am starting TODAY!! Anyone else need to press the RESET BUTTON? If you decided to for any amount of time then let me know!

Praying for all us mommas and our families and that we would TRULY enjoy this magically time of the year!



Get back up AGAIN

I have been fighting writing this post. I thought maybe a Facebook post would suffice BUT I keep feeling a nudge. SO here we go…..

THIS YEAR HAS BEEN HARD! Have you had one of those? Maybe not this year,  maybe it’s a year you’ve overcome but remember in vivid detail sometimes.

Funny thing about my hard time was that aside from a few moments that crumbled me and left me on the floor in the dark with my phone turned off for a few days, I could do my day to day with confidence and purpose. BUT then the end came and it wasn’t what I thought it would be! I didn’t feel like I thought it would. I thought it would free me to get back to myself, but it has only driven me further away. I think in the throws of it, I didn’t allow myself to feel it, BUT NOW I can’t seem to escape it. ALL the things I couldn’t feel before now rush over in waves.

I pray that makes sense. I just feel like I am struggling in life, trying to get back to who I know I am and my purpose but FEAR! Perfect love cast out fear (1 John 4:18), His Word says it’s true and I am trying to get there!

This past week was difficult, especially when all you can articulate to the ones you love is “I’m struggling. I just can’t shake it.” Did you know people that love you wanna help fix things and it frustrates both of you when you don’t know how to fix it.

WELL there is H O P E. His name is Jesus. What I thought was a mistake on my part by overbooking myself, God worked out to His glory (like always) and used it to start bringing me out of this funk!

God has brought me the MOST amazing people through an ESSENTIAL OIL company! He really can use anything! StressAway calmed my “cray”and I happened into an accidental business. A “business’ that has brought me over 300 people I didn’t know a couple years ago and turned them into family! So thankful!!!

A sweet, new friend asked me how I was! I overshared! I felt safe and released to. She listened. She encouraged. She loved. She sought God on my behalf! I am so thankful for God’s people!

The next day I was facing a 3 hour drive each way to go meet some more new friends and Young Living family! God always uses my time in the car to minister. I found the tears flowing. I found Him giving me the words I couldn’t find myself. I knew He saw me. There is nothing like knowing in a world of around 7.6 BILLION people ALL of whom God sees and loves, He chose to join me in my car and minister as only He could.

I am still working through all the stuff. I am still rebuilding my confidence. I am still going about my purpose. I am determined to let fear produce MORE faith. I am determined to fake it until I make it. I am determined to let my heart reshape my mind. I am determined to be better for it. I believe that God uses all things. I am determined that it the end even this will glorify God. I KNOW that He works all things together for good for those who love Him and are called according to HIS PURPOSE (Romans 8:28). AND I am believing and waiting with an expectancy for the day when it all makes sense, even if it’s on the other side of glory!

So if you can relate at all, know I am praying for you! I don’t need details-God is a God of details and He knows. I pray you know you are LOVED! You are cherished! You are highly sought after! You are worth dying for and someone did, JESUS. He came so that you could have life and have it more abundantly (John 10:10)

This song gave me words I couldn’t speak and spoke to me over and over! I pray it does the same for you! God gives us permission to feel ALL the feels, just don’t dwell there! Seek Him and let Jesus be a healing balm! Isaiah 61:1 NKJV

“The Spirit of the Lord God is upon Me,
Because the Lord has anointed Me
To preach good tidings to the poor;
He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted,
To proclaim liberty to the captives,
And the opening of the prison to those who are bound”

My BIGGEST momma fear

Y’all this fear has recently taken root! A fear that is super hard to be dispelled. A fear that presents itself as TRUTH! A fear that one may never even be able to shake and can falsely shape the lives of my kids. A fear that each of us has to make a mental choice to overcome, forgive, take accountability for, and move past. A fear that can make you doubt so many things in life. A fear that can make you question everything.


Not so much the perception of what others think of me BUT rather the perception my kids will think is truth. The definition of perception as defined by Merriam Webster is…

Definition of perception

1a :a result of perceiving :observation
b :a mental image :concept
2obsolete :consciousness
3a :awareness of the elements of environment through physical sensation 

  • colorperception
b :physical sensation interpreted in the light of experience
4a :quick, acute, and intuitive cognition :appreciation
b :a capacity for comprehension
SO why is this my fear. BECAUSE it is something we make. We take all of our experiences and memories and they shape our perceptions of what’s going on around us and shape the perceptions of people.
perception 1
A morning a couple weeks ago at MOPS brought this to my forethought and made me really plan on being intentional in my prayers. So what happened, THIS happened….
We are doing a Bible Study from the Cameron’s called The Heart of Family and a question in the 3rd session (Forgiveness and Joy) somehow got us talking about how we want our children to remember us and about wanting to them to remember us as JOYFUL!
SO Jess, why did that hit you so hard and get your brain turning? Well, one of my sweet friends shared a memory of her momma! She remembered her momma as always being tired and said how she worked a lot. YEARS later she remembered her momma as being tired! That was her perception! What I gleaned from her talking was that her momma was tired from working. She was tired because she was working. She was working because it helped her give her family the best she could. My perception and my friend’s perception were different.
SO it got me thinking about my own past and judgements I had made about my own family. Their truth is different than mine. My perception of my past may be completely wrong! What I perceive and the REAL intentions could be sooooooo DIFFERENT.
I started to translate that into my own parenting! I know my intentions towards my babies BUT what if they perceive differently! What if the time I am taking to write this post is seen as me valuing my “work” more than them. Let’s be real they are asked to be quiet or go away so I can get things done as fast as possible SO I can get back to them! What if they only remember me screaming and that’s their perception of their childhood. What if they remember their upbringing as constantly having to pick up and do schoolwork because we homeschool. Are we having enough FUN and making enough memories outside of of the daily grind with them? What if they think I am always so busy doing for others and don’t see the servant-hood I am trying to teach them.
Y’all my BIGGEST fear is that the perception of who I am and their childhood will differ from my HEART AND the REAL INTENTIONS of my heart. I am literally in tears over the thought. I have some strong feeling of my own upbringing and familial relationships, what if I have it all wrong! If I am being honest I am certain I have quite a bit wrong and we may never truly know the magnitude! What if I am so hardened in my perception people stop trying.
perception 2
WHEW!! That’s a lot! I don’t have any answers but I am trying to be INTENTIONAL about helping their perceptions match up with my heart! HOW?? Here’s a few ways….
  • TELLING THEM and TRYING to make sure my actions match up
  • PRAYER, asking God to soften their hearts towards mine
  • Taking moments to make the memories I want them to have
  • ASKING them what they think!
  • REALLY using all oils for emotional support!!!!

Do you have any wisdoms or thoughts? I would love to hear them!!


It’s FINALLY Fall yall!! We’re halfway through October and I can FINALLY wear my comfy fall clothes that I look forward to ALL summer!

So here’s my FALL ESSENTIALS y’all 😍

  • Leggings and BOOTS and sweater weather! You know the chunky kind that hides that you ate too many warm chunky chocolate chip cookies


  • Young Living’s Christmas Spirit essential oil and yummy diffuser blends! Candles use to be my jam but I can’t even anymore because they are super toxic to everyone in your home! ANND my Desert Mist Diffuser has a flicker setting so I get the beautiful ambiance!
  • A beautiful front door wreath and mat! I love coming home and seeing pretty things! Our home is still under construction so I take beauty and peace wherever I can! And FOR REALS I love monograms and personalized ANYTHING!
  • Young Living Thieves line #keepinithealthy
  • Cute Coffee cups and YL Cinnamon Bark Oil<—-no more sugarcoffee
  • A great blanket and good movie and my babes
  • FIREPLACE-we don’t have a real one YET but I am not giving up one getting at least a pellet stove in the living room!
  • CROCKPOTS!! Yes, plural! I love crockpots!
  • Bathroom products to help wake you up when it’s still dark, soap to keep those germ sessions at bay, and soothing lavender lotion for much need moisture!
  • Range Dates with my man and hunting season! Which coincidentally means filling our freezer and saving on my grocery bill!!IMG_4773
  • PLAID and preppy kids!! They have the cutest wardrobe and are cold so they keep clothes on! Praise Jesus!
  • Gorgeous colors of fall, pumpkins, leaves, and hayrides! We are blessing to have so many amazing places around that we can visit! Be ready for pic overload coming SOON!
  • Quiet Mornings and JESUS ❤


  • BREATHE AGAIN and smelling a clean home! Nothing is better than open airways! Especially when those open airways are tricked into thinking I deep cleaned thanks to Purification and the great fall-like smell of our Thieves cleaner!

SO there are a few (maybe, more) of my favorite things and fall essentials!! Want me info on any of them I listed, leave me a comment and I’ll hook you up! If Young Living interests you then click here to join our team and start your wellness journey!