Rest for the WEARY

So a promise that I cling (and I MEAN CLING) to is Galatians 6:9!!

This was a WORD to me at a women’s retreat and come to find out a BIBLICAL PROMISE! I received it on an evening when I was really struggling with motherhood and I only had a few kids at that point! I was just a mom in church. I hadn’t added anything else on to my plate (I don’t think) and was full-time mommin! Even then just full-time momming, it was HARD. I had (have) super strong willed babes all under the age of 4. BUT I thank Jesus for that constantly because I know if I can find their bend and teach them JESUS they will be super effective in the KINGDOM and mighty warriors FOR Christ and IMMOVABLE!!!

Well I have added quite a few ministries (Nursery and MOMTOURAGE), a few more kids, activities, homeschooling (like legit HAVE to teach them now), and a couple SMALL BUSINESSES!! I LOVE love LOVE everything I do and at this moment I fell completely called to ALL of it!

BUT last night it hit me-I am feeling a little weary! Not in my business or ministries (when I get there) BUT the mommin’ part leading up to it! My children are being a tad bit rebellious and difficult (truthfully A LOT) and I am not seeing much fruit. It has been a difficult parenting year and we are working on reclaiming the ground we lost, albeit very slowly and sometimes un-confidently. Also, it has also been super busy for us lately with holidays, Vow Renewal, renovations, and Family Pictures on top of our daily to-do list and getting children anywhere can be tough!

Weariness is coming out of me in the form of unkind loudness, yelling, hurried-ness, tired-ness, and other unflattering ways! Last night it hit me, I am not doing my part of the promise. SO I HAVE to make a change. This past weekend I took off! It felt fantastic. WE all did a Family Game Night. We worked together to get some projects accomplished. We ate and relaxed and connected. I NEED more of that right now and TIS THE SEASON.

So I am cutting back where I can, cause let’s be real……I run my business and support my people MOSTLY on social media and my Facebook limitations didn’t last but a handful of days AND it’s been a BIG sale weekend! AND I love stewarding my people, it gives me LIFE and energizes me!

So realistic WORK HOURS start tomorrow ! This morning I decided to cut our MOMTOURAGE semester short a couple meetings. I am using the volunteers God has given me and leaning on their servant heart’s in my Nursery schedule. Our Wednesday night Bible study doesn’t start back up until January. And I have more curriculum coming for the kids that makes them MORE ACCOUNTABLE by tangibly showing them what they are (or aren’t) accomplishing. And Friday will conclude my oily schedule!

Boundaries are good! My calendar is still quite full BUT it is Christmas Programs and FUN stuff I get to do WITH my hubby and KIDS! I am saying YES to things I would normally say NO to, and NO to things I would normally say YES to!

Everything has a season (and thankfully a season doesn’t have a set time limit), and this is what this SEASON will look like for me….

I’m watch more Christmas movies, bake more, drink more cider and hot tea, use my crockpots MORE, spend more time in my kitchen, enjoy the still and quite (I am a mover so this could be difficult)!I am going to diffuse all the Christmas-y and winter-y oils! I am going to USE my oils in prayer and Bible Study and on my children and use them even more intentionally and not as a last resort! AND make time with GOD my FIRST priority! I’m gonna start a prayer journal-like a real one not just scribbles in margins. I am going to speak softer INTENTIONALLY and maybe put a rubberband on my wrist to snap when I get loud!

I am going to be the change I would like to see in my family. I am going to not be to busy doing stuff for God that I don’t spend time with God, not that I’ve ever done that! 😂😂


Author: jessicalederer

I was saved by Grace in my mid 20's while pregnant with my 3rd child. I have found favor in His sights and have had more than I ever could have imagined in my wildest dreams added to me. I am completely content in this season of life but live with an expectancy of seeing the LORD move mightily in it! I live for my Savior, husband, and children and was finally able to find myself in the midst of it all!

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